About Us

Our Mission

In the wake of all the recent controversy surrounding social media exploitation (Cambridge Analytica scandal, "fake news" dissemination, election meddling, etc.), we have concluded that a more thorough investigation is warranted to understand the risks associated with everyday use of social media. And so, Sociosploit was born. Sociosploit is an academic research foundation focused specifically on understanding security risks and exploitation potential of the social web. Particular topics that we will be addressing include:

  • Information Security
  • Privacy
  • Misuse of Social Network Platforms
  • Social Engineering

We are staunch supporters of a free and open internet. We believe that people's data is their own, and that a well-informed populace, which understands the risks and means to safeguard themselves, is the best way to ensure that the data held by social networks is not misused, mishandled, or exploited in ways that were not formerly intended by the data owners (i.e. the users). It is our mission that, through this platform, we can increase that awareness for our readers.

Our Team

Justin Hutchens "Hutch"

Hutch has a Master's degree in Information Systems and multiple information security certifications to include OSCP, GPEN and GWAPT. Hutch started his career in the United States Air Force, performed many years of red team operations for both boutique and Big-4 consulting firms, and now leads the internal penetration testing operations for a global financial services firm.

Contact at: hutch@sociosploit.com